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Not every coach is the right fit for every client, and I only work with individuals whom I am confident I can help to succeed. Our complimentary initial consult via video chat will determine our course of interaction on your journey to success.

If you are ready, please let me know the biggest internal challenge that you think you need to clear. I will be in touch to set up a time that works for us both.

The first step towards success is the first one you take intentionally.

    “The coaching experience has been a life changing experience…I am more aware of myself in the moment. Therese took me on a journey that left me with common sense tools and a life-long vision of what I can achieve as a leader based on my own passions and core attributes. I would highly recommend Therese as an excellent coach. Her past experience in corporate America, her awesome listening skills, and astute observations and insight all are strong qualities that lend to her coaching abilities.”
    cheryl kiyama
    “Being coached by Therese is an intensive experience that changes you from the 'inside-out'. Therese combines this with practical advice that can be applied immediately. The latter provides encouraging quick wins while working on the longer term, more fundamental changes. Therese’s approach is impactful in both short- and long-term and is an experience I will carry with me in my career and my personal life.”
    johan pirot
    “Therese is an extraordinary coach. She drew me into a set of deep reflection exercises, patiently enticing me outside the fray of day-to-day execution. Through this space and process, I discovered new ways to reflect on leadership, communication, and team building. The results have been remarkable – a much richer bond to my team and peers, but also deep personal inspiration to sustain me in the daily grind. I recommend Therese wholeheartedly; she is a subtle, deeply effective coach."
    andrew chien
    "I have had the honor and joy of working with Therese as a collaborator and then as a coach/mentor. As a collaborator she worked very closely with me to design and facilitate a retreat for social change leaders at California State University Monterey Bay. Therese's presence coupled with her extraordinary skill in designing experiences that allow for authenticity, deep reflection, and community building created a healing, hopeful, and empowering space for all who attended the retreat. As a coach and mentor, I am profoundly grateful for her incredibly thoughtful questions, deep listening, and wisdom. She supported me in clarifying and prioritizing what truly speaks to my soul in my professional and personal life and in developing contemplative and compassionate practices that I have integrated into all aspects of my life. It has been several years since I have met with Therese as a coach/mentor, but her kindness, counsel and wisdom remain with and guide me everyday. I am grateful for her presence in my life."
    deb burke