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The whole person—heart, mind, and body—needs to be addressed in order to bring about accelerated learning and growth. Just as a personal trainer at the gym helps us build new muscles in the body—as well as notice and realign those that are overdeveloped—I help my clients strengthen the “muscles” associated with individual and professional growth. With a client portfolio of C-suite leaders from international Fortune 500 companies and start-ups, my experience lends a unique approach which empowers leaders to truly thrive

When you work with me, you gain a greater understanding of how you view and interact with the particular people, situations, and issues you face in daily life. Through reflective listening, observation and analysis, I guide you to identify the problems you’re facing and discover how to work collaboratively to effect lasting change in attitudes and behaviors. Typically a coaching engagement lasts for six months—during which time we will work together to help you discover your path, become the leader you want to be, and experience a more fulfilling life. 

Being is the core of who we are.
Becoming is the path to reconnect with our essence, our true center.
It is a process of discovery, a journey.
Therese Tong

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“I met Therese at a time when I experienced high stress and pressure but could not figure out what was going on. Within one conversation I felt very comfortable talking to Therese and trusting her with my issues. Therese's holistic approach, her humor and deep caring helped me to identify what I needed to change in my personal and professional life to become a healthier, happier and overall more integrated person. While I feel confident that I learned many great tools to tackle whatever life has in store for me I would turn back to Therese again in a heartbeat. I am incredibly grateful to have met her.”
nicole kleemann
“Rare in one’s professional life to have opportunities of recharging and re-defining a career, and this is one of those opportunities for me. Therese was perfect – she was straightforward and never sugar coated her observations, but at the same time very attentive, caring, consistent, and methodical. I was amazed by her ability to extract profound insights and personalized improvement plans through sometimes casual conversations, which made the coaching sessions that much more powerful.”
donghui lu
“Therese is a wonderful, inspiring woman and an extraordinary coach. She has the talent to integrate a professional, purpose-driven approach with her whole-hearted, compassionate being in the moment. For me, that resulted in a deep and irreversible change in my life. Therese really made the difference and I am very, very grateful she crossed my path. I would highly recommend Therese as an Executive Coach!”
erik kraak

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