Uncertainty & Choice by Marie Therese Tong

I injured my foot a couple of weeks ago so no running probably for the next 6 – 8 weeks. For those who know me well – you know how that puts me in “just” a little bit of a funk. I am feeling restless and then I’m picking a fight for no rhyme or reason with my hubby, Felix…but of course, right? Given the much lower dose of endorphins and we are all swimming in this sea of uncertainty… “I don’t want it…, I don’t like it…”

Three things have helped me:

  • Loving Kindness Meditation
  • Self-Care & Support
  • Assessment & Moods

Loving Kindness Meditation

With the growing murmur of uncertainty somewhat getting louder, I realize I need to return to gratitude for what is and to start remembering that I need a little bit more kindness [for me]…plus to sit with breath in and breath out seems impossible – my mind ​is ​bouncing off the wall! Is it only me? At times like this, I take a few ​breaths​, a couple more​ and settle into my body​; repeat​ing: ​

“May I be safe and free from danger…​may I be healthy in body, mind, spirit…may I be at peace…”

Find out more and to continue the practice expanding from “i” to “we” to “all beings” as you feel ready.

Self-Care and Support    

For our immune system to be healthy, all the usual sleep, movement, sunshine, diet are required and with COVID-19 declared a pandemic – we need nourishing conversation, relationships and support. We don’t get to go this alone – i/you/we care about others and he/she/they care about us, too! So, even with “social distancing”; reach out to a trusted friend, colleague … and be kind to you, your partner, kids, neighbor … take time to pet your dog – it will all help.

Assessment & Mood

This is a framework I share with clients and this time, it has helped me to acknowledge that even though typically I have a mood of gratitude, laugh easily and wholeheartedly and am upbeat; at this time, this is not the mood I have and my emotions seem to be on a roller-coaster all of her own doing – easily irritated by the slightest inconvenience, feeling both angry and sad that in the US – a developed country, we are ill-prepared and the most vulnerable are usually hit hardest.

In naming the space I am in, am now more aware – I can step back, not be caught in it, see and reassess/reframe the story and therefore what is possible and choose again. In this case, I decided to write this up, gave my hubby a hug, apologized and have reached out to my peeps for a walk and coffee.

There is much more agency in having some awareness, seeing more clearly – knowing that you have emotions and a mood rather than being had by your emotions/mood.

So, wiggle your toes, take a few deeper breaths – what do you choose? Go for a walk, sip your favorite drink, invite your team to online collaboration, anticipate business implications … call a friend, hug your …